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Getting a Tenant

First prerequisite to using the QVANTUM Public API is a valid QVANTUM tenant context. If you are interested in experimenting with the QVANTUM Public API, simply use our self-service sign-up:

Upon creation of your tenant context, you will receive an invitation mail, including URLs and initial login credentials for the QVANTUM Web App. Please follow the instructions in this invitation mail, perform a first login and change password immediately, before you use your username/password credentials with the QVANTUM Public API.

This tutorial builds upon a set of expected environment variables, mainly derived from the information of a QVANTUM tenant context. For the included curl command lines to work properly, developers must make sure that the following environment variables are set correctly, in particular wrt. authentication.

  • API: QVANTUM Public API endpoint URL; must be set to
  • AUTH: QVANTUM Authentication endpoint URL; must be set to
  • TENANT : tenant identifier, as used in https://app.qvantum-plan/${TENANT}.
  • CLIENTID: identifier of OAuth 2.0 client, defaults to api.
  • USERNAME: username of your tenant account, stated as email address.
  • PASSWORD: password of your tenant account.